A Lifelong Passion for Learning and Problem Solving

John Unger is a thirty-five-year veteran Entrepreneur and Information Technology Expert. John’s lifelong passion for learning and problem solving provide the inspiration behind business process automation, business intelligence, and data science solutions he has helped design and deliver over a few decades. While some businesses are adequately served by packaged software, very few can operate while just using one platform or application. John’s talent lies in leveraging the data generated by packaged software combined with data extracted from supporting apps and the intelligence, drive, and creativity of its people to create synergistic platforms for sustained results and strategic planning.  

John’s clients are in industries ranging from Telecommunications to Healthcare, Manufacturing to Pharmaceuticals and Financial Planning to Waste Management. No two projects have much in common, yet John’s curiosity and willingness to learn has built an immense library of practical experience and insights. This is the basis for the business focused approach to Information Technology Implementation he practices.  Whether you are looking for better efficiency, increased performance, or more accurate information with transparency, spending a few minutes discussing your goals with John will lead to creative ideas and executional plans for achieving them.  
John Unger