Community Radio with Deep Roots

KDHX has been an ever-present community leader, with over 30 years of independent music, art and culture in St. Louis and around the world. The KDHX website was not only about the station, but a focal point for events and culture. Our task was to create a great responsive user experience that provided clear paths to the most important content, and apps that delivered complex show schedule rules and streaming media. Also, much of the historical content on the site had value, and we had multiple stakeholders that needed consideration.

Starting with an information architecture process, we evaluated the content most accessed and created a site structure that properly supported their community and stakeholder needs, and archived content that was never accessed, providing a much cleaner user experience. A new Joomla-based content management system paired with custom applications to support managing show schedules, events calendar, streaming media and other integrations was also critical.

The new KDHX website is beautiful and has a fantastic mobile experience. Listener response has been universally positive, and it has boosted KDHX’s presence in the community. The administration is also clean and simple, making the site incredibly easy to manage.

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