A Regional Travel Agency with Industry Leading Technology

TravelPlex Travel & Cruise is an award-winning travel management company that is an industry leader and known throughout the Midwest for its service and expertise. Alliance Systems was challenged to deliver a digital experience that immersed visitors in their brand promise with an exciting design and great user experience.

Alliance Systems was tasked with building a new web presence that properly reflected their brand promise. The result was a responsive, data-driven site that makes it easy for their customers to search and browse for cruises and travel packages, get detailed information about them, and drive those customers to interact with their travel counselors.

Because TravelPlex has multiple vendor relationships, a major requirement was to integrate the data from those various vendors into one consolidated database. We built an ETL (extract, transform and load) system for that data integration, which provides a seamless search and browse experience for the visitor. In addition to the ETL system, a machine-learning algorithm was created to rate the value of specific travel offers based on historical information.

The new site has significantly improved their online profile, with increased sales and web traffic. With a travel offer database much larger than its competitors, TravelPlex has a distinct advantage in its region. The website framework also allows TravelPlex to create dynamic promotions and travel tips easily. As the website is expanded to create new features, TravelPlex is ensured to be an industry leader in technology.

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